About Northside

Mission Statement

The teaching staff at Northside is dedicated to making sure our students are given the best instruction in a pleasant learning environment. We are committed to serving students through an educational program that is designed to provide students with opportunities to succeed both academically and socially. Quality education is rooted in academic programs designed to meet the needs of the perse student population.

About The School


The faculty and staff of Northside Elementary School believe that our program is responsible for teaching and establishing the foundations of education necessary for a productive and fulfilling life. The primary function of Northside Elementary School is to provide the educational opportunities necessary to meet the intellectual, personal, social and physical needs of students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

Each child's learning experiences should be based on each student's achievement level, inpidual ability, cultural background, and experiences. We believe that the experiences at Northside Elementary School should help each child attain his or her full potential as a productive citizen.

The Northside Elementary School faculty and staff strive to maintain a desirable learning environment and cooperative school-community relationship. We believe in the continuous interaction of the school, the home and the community as we work to achieve this goal.